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Child Abuse Defense Attorney in Sugar Land

Protecting Fort Bend County Clients from Harmful Accusations

Convictions of child abuse can lead to a lifetime of consequences, including difficulty finding a job, securing a loan, or even obtaining housing. It is crucial that you get the help you need to avoid being convicted of child abuse. If you were arrested for child abuse, or for failing to report what could have been child abuse, call Capetillo Law Firm right away and schedule your free consultation with my team. We have the experience to help you tell your side of the story and use the law effectively.

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What Constitutes Child Abuse?

For a person to be guilty of child abuse, a court must prove beyond reasonable doubt that they acted or failed to act in such a way that allowed a child to be put in harm’s way. There are times when parents unknowingly fail to protect their children. In such cases, having the help of an experienced attorney on your side can make a major difference.

Child abuse occurs when children are left to be harmed in ways such as:

  • Injuring a child physically or emotionally, resulting in impairment to their growth, development, or ability to function psychologically
  • Leaving a child in a situation where the harm listed above can occur
  • Serious physical injury or threat of injury that does not align with the story given, or injury that is not the result of an accident or reasonable discipline
  • Failure to prevent harm to a child from another person
  • Sexual conduct such as abuse, indecency, or assault
  • Allowing a child to be photographed or filmed in an obscene way
  • Allowing a child to use illegal controlled substances
  • Trafficking
  • Neglect such as failure to provide a child with food, medical care, or shelter

How to Protect Yourself Against These Charges

Just because a person reports child abuse does not mean you will have to suffer the consequences of a conviction. There are legitimate situations where people misunderstand what they see and, in an attempt to do the right thing, call the authorities and report child abuse. It is important that you get the help of an experienced legal professional to ensure your rights are protected.

Call Capetillo Law Firm right away and get the help of a Sugar Land criminal defense attorney. Dial (346) 220-3404 now.

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