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When you are convicted of or arrested for a crime, the information about your arrest or charge becomes public knowledge. Employers, schools, law enforcement, and banks can access this information and they may judge you based on what they find. The goal of clearing or sealing your criminal history is to allow you to move on with a blank slate.

At Capetillo Law Firm, I help clients like yourself explore your options in regards to moving past criminal charges. Specifically, I can investigate whether or not you are eligible for expunction or non-disclosure. As an experienced Sugar Land expunction lawyer, I can answer all of your questions and provide you with well-informed, professional advice.

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Expunction & Non-Disclosure in Texas

Having a criminal past, whether it is an arrest or a conviction, can haunt you for far longer than any criminal penalties. Whether you are having trouble finding a place to live or gaining employment, there are various legal options available to you. In the state of Texas, there are two main ways that you may be able to seal your record. These actions are known as expunction and non-disclosure.

You may file a petition for expunction if:

  • Your charges were dismissed
  • You were found not guilty at trial
  • You were found guilty but received a Governor's pardon
  • Your charges were refused by the prosecuting attorney's office
  • You were found guilty but your conviction was overturned by the state

Expunction is the best possible option, as it completely clears your records as though nothing ever happened. A non-disclosure consists of essentially sealing your record so that the general public cannot see it. Law enforcement and other state officials will still be able to see it, however. If you are not eligible for expunction, you may qualify for non-disclosure.

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