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Non-Disclosures in Texas

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Criminal charges on your record look bad to employers, landlords, financial institutions, and essentially any other professional organization that utilizes background checks. Even a single misdemeanor conviction or charge on your record can deter professionals and administrators from accepting your application. When expunction — which effectively erases a criminal mark — is not possible, non-disclosure might be.

At Capetillo Law Firm, we have the legal know-how to help clients concealed their past criminal records from the public through non-disclosure. If you would like to see if non-disclosure might be an option for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Sugar Land criminal defense law firm. Our team would be happy to cover what you need to know about non-disclosure during a free initial consultation.

Criminal Non-Disclosure Agreement Eligibility Requirements

Being able to conceal your criminal record from the public and most others who do not have a warrant or law enforcement authority is a huge benefit to your social and professional lives. As such, this powerful legal option is not made readily available to everyone. You must meet a number of prerequisites in order to become eligible to use non-disclosure on your criminal record.

Non-disclosure eligibility in Texas requires:

  • Misdemeanor conviction: Felony convictions cannot be concealed through non-disclosure.
  • Non-DWI offense: Your misdemeanor conviction cannot be related to a driving while intoxicated (DWI) or operating while intoxicated (OWI) offense.
  • Unorganized offense: Your misdemeanor conviction cannot be related to organized crime or similar criminal efforts, such as gang operations.
  • Nonviolent offense: Your misdemeanor conviction cannot be related to a violent crime, excluding simple assault.
  • Nonsexual offense: Your misdemeanor conviction cannot be related to a sex crime, including nonviolent offenses like prostitution.
  • Full compliance: You must have complied with all sentencing requirements, such as serving jail time, paying fines, and completing probation.
  • First-time offense: You must have no previous mark on your criminal record for a conviction, and you must not have been placed on deferred adjudication community supervision for a separate criminal offense, excluding some traffic offenses.
  • Waiting time: Two years must have passed since you completed all of your sentencing requirements before you can file. However, for misdemeanor convictions that cannot be penalized with incarceration, you can file immediately upon sentencing requirement completion.

Discover How the Benefits of Non-Disclosure Can Help You

As it can be seen, there are numerous rules and regulations that surround criminal non-disclosures in Texas. Do not let all of the details deter you, though. Instead, let our Sugar Land non-disclosure attorney be your guide from start to finish. With the assistance of our legal team, you can readily see if non-disclosure is an option for your criminal record and start taking the right steps if it is.

Call (346) 220-3404 to speak with a member of Capetillo Law Firm today. We look forward to helping you pursue a clearer, better future for yourself.

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