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The state of Texas harshly prosecutes individuals charged with violent crimes.

Depending on the specific circumstances of your case and its nature, you may face:

  • Thousands of dollars in fines
  • Revoked firearm privileges
  • And even years in prison

Furthermore, a conviction will go on your criminal record, thereby potentially impeding your ability to find housing, get a job, and even apply for certain loans.

At Capetillo Law Firm, I, Adam Capetillo, am the managing partner and founder of the firm. Backed by years of experience, I have an in-depth understanding of Texas criminal law.

I can help you make well-informed decisions about the future as I guide you throughout every step of the way. Additionally, I can effectively protect your rights and fight for your best interests. You can trust me for all your criminal defense needs.

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About Violent Crimes in Texas

Common violent crimes in Texas include:

  • Assault
  • Aggravated assault
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder
  • Domestic violence
  • And others

Many of these crimes can be elevated in severity depending on the specific circumstances and nature of the alleged offense.

For example, if a robbery was committed and the defendant used a deadly weapon, the charge of robbery could be elevated to aggravated robbery. This could also occur if the victim of the robbery was disabled or 65 years of age or older. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or felony charge, I have the skillset required to aggressively advocate on your behalf.

Common violent crimes include:

  • Domestic violence – This occurs when an individual assaults or commits a violent crime against a member of their household, a current or past romantic partner, or a family member.
  • Homicide – This is the umbrella term used to cover a vast range of unlawful killings in the state of Texas. If you are charged with causing another person’s death, you may be facing charges of murder, manslaughter, or criminally negligent homicide.
  • Kidnapping – Forcing an individual to move to another location and controlling them may result in kidnapping charges.

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