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While the Second Amendment protects a person’s ability to own a firearm, those rights are not without limits and restrictions. For example, if you have been convicted of a felony within the last five years, you may not own a firearm. You also cannot carry a gun near a school. If you were arrested for a weapons crime, your freedom is at stake. Let my team help you fight the charges and protect your future. Call Capetillo Law Firm now.

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Prohibited Weapons Under Texas Law

Your right to carry a gun does not mean you have the right to carry a weapon. No one in their right mind assumes they can own a grenade launcher just because it is a type of gun. If you are caught with an illegal firearm — especially in a restricted area — you could face felony charges.

Restricted weapons include:

  • Short-barreled weapons with barrels under 16 inches
  • Explosive weapons
  • Silencers
  • Homemade weapons like zip guns or pipe guns
  • Tire deflation devices

These weapons are illegal to own unless registered with the National Firearms Registration or classified as historic weapons by the Department of Justice.

It is illegal to carry a weapon in such places as a:

  • School
  • Polling or election place
  • Government office
  • Airport
  • Racetrack
  • Location where weapons are prohibited
  • The site of a death sentencing

Penalties for Weapons Crimes

These crimes are charged as felonies. In Texas, felony penalties can include steep fines from $10,000 and up, as well as prison sentencing of up to a life sentence. It is crucial that you get the help of an attorney who understands how to defend you against these charges. During our free consultation, I can help you understand the nature of your charges as well as the legal options available to you at this time.

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